Church Staff, Clergy, and Lay Leaders

  • The Reverend Dwayne A. Varas, Rector
  • The Reverend Deacon Scott Mithen, Deacon


  • Nancy Benson, Director of Day School
  • Anna Pistelli, Director of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
  • Julianne Stowers, Bookkeeper
  • Mike Gaskins, Co-treasurer
    Tiffany Long, Co-treasurer
  • Libbi Barnes, Lead Sunday Nursery Caregiver
  • Christina Brown, Assistant Sunday Nursery Caregiver


  • Mark Blackmore, Senior Warden
  • Lily Anne Robinson, Junior Warden
  • Kevin Hiers
  • Blair Dickinson
  • Ann Schieb
  • Howard Woodard
  • Lynn Potter
  • Liz Williams
  • David Hutchings
  • Amy Martin, Scribe

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